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Take care, 

2022 BMPD student showcase

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The Bachelor and Media Production and Design (BMPD) at Carleton University is situated  on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin nation. We are grateful to create, exhibit, make, learn and play on these lands. 


about the exhibition

Take care, 

MPAD 4000: Capstone Projects is a year-long experiential learning course that gives students the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the skills and tools learned throughout their time in the Bachelor of Media Production and Design program. This course allows students to be creative while also considering the impact of media and technology on industries, the public, and community. Students choose a local organization and create a project with care and reciprocity that supports that organization’s community. More importantly, this course and exhibition celebrates their efforts and accomplishments. 


Although unique in nature and execution, the projects created this year commonly address themes of accessibility and knowledge sharing. These projects assess limitations in accessibility, either regarding movement and mapping spaces, online and social media engagement, and the circulation of artwork and culture beyond physical infrastructure and institutions. Acknowledging and centering accessibility is a form of care and care-full work. These multi-media projects seek to build community by giving these organizations, cultural spaces, and artefacts an online digital presence. At its core, this exhibition emphasizes the importance of accessibility and expanding our students reach to Carleton University, the Ottawa community and beyond. Here, “Take care” is not only a note to acknowledge students’ departure from this program, but a reflection on their methodology throughout this course, and the care that they have extended to their communities and each other. 

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